Mission & Objectives

KinderStar is the largest kindergarten in HCMC with a 900-student capacity, established by passionate educators who are dedicated to providing a bilingual kindergarten which meets international standards in both facilities and quality of education. Their insistence upon the best quality equipment and care, together with an enthusiastic and determined approach to meet the changing needs of our community remains an underlying aim of KinderStar.


To provide the best quality care and education for students of preschool age in a community-based school, which actively encourages parental involvement. We aim to work in partnership with parents to help students learn and progress and to develop a good moral character.


We provide a modern educational environment that emphasizes the development of the whole child and their personality and abilities, guiding them to:

- Know what is right and wrong and to help each child to feel that she or he is a valued member of KinderStar.

- Develop creative thinking and language skills. Help the students to become strong, confident, capable and self-assured, learn about technology, how to use it and what it can help us to do.

- Being able to have a conversation with another person; in small groups and in a large group; to talk with and to listen to others, help them to be more independent, honest, and confident.

- Provide students with opportunities to learn and to help them value learning. Help the students to become good people. To begin to learn about their locality and its special features and learn about their own and other cultures.