Kitchen Dining Room

Food hygiene and safety standards are the top priority of our Food Preparation and Cooking Department.


Young children’s bodies are in a very important developmental stage, which is why we take great care to provide our students with the best food available.

Each child's meal at KinderStar is prepared by experienced and trained chefs; they use fresh vegetables planted in our organic garden and only the best ingredients. In addition, parents will be pleased to learn that our varied menus are created with appropriate nutrients for their children.

The KinderStar kitchen is well-equipped with modern equipment and tools that meet the strictest hygiene standards.

The lively dining room is designed with spacious seats for young students to enjoy their meals.

All of our dining table items meet the hygienic and safety standards.

For your child's complete nutritional development, KinderStar believes that our attention to detail plays a big role in our aim to provide a perfect preschool environment.

The 15-year-experienced cooking team

Our spacious and hygienic kitchen

Baking area for daily baked goods

Lunch buffet

KinderStar Buffet with various dishes

Enjoying lunch at school

Refrigerated storage for all fruits, vegetables, milk etc

Safe and delicious juice squeezed fresh everyday

Milk preparation is made in appropriate amount under the food hygiene and safety standards

Afternoon tea being carefully prepared

The spacious and clean dining room for our older students

Spacious and clean dining room for the younger children

The KinderStar organic garden
The KinderStar organic garden
The KinderStar organic garden
The KinderStar organic garden
The KinderStar organic garden