Preschool Curriculum

KinderStar's diverse bilingual curriculum combines the Vietnamese Curriculum and The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), UK, and modern teaching methods from the California Kindergarten Association (CKA), US. All of our lessons are planned to meet the students areas of development: Communication, Language and Literacy, Personal, Social and Emotional development, Knowledge and Understanding of the world, Creative development and Physical development.

Musical English
This is a useful subject for preschool children. Learning language through music can build phonemic awareness and enhance language skills. The children, through such activities, show significant improvement in memory, cognitive development, ability to express emotions, the ability to coordinate and an enhanced creativity.

Art Our art program focuses on children as a central character and is designed to inspire and stimulate the imagination of children. Each lesson focuses on practical activities that promote analytical skills and develop visual literacy. A variety of themes help children explore the world around them and develop cultural awareness as well as express feelings before beauty. Each art lesson is closely linked with academic standards.

Pretend play Our pretend play room is a little world for our young students to explore their feelings, use their imaginations and their abilities to interact with others. Each pretend play room has a variety of stations that mimic real world situations - a restaurant, market, and medical clinic to name a few. Each session will focus on one specific area such as self-discipline, empathy and kindness, communication or behavior. The foreign teacher in charge of classes provides opportunities, guides and gives suggestions, if necessary.

ICT Nowadays, it is necessary for children to engage in information technology. Learning and playing with a computer with software, applications will give children many opportunities to develop awareness, emotion, language and movement as well as stimulate their capability of concentration, imagination and creative thinking. These are essential foundations for children's further learning and development in the future.

Library Our library is situated in a castle that our students love! For preschool-age children who do not yet know how to read will have a foreign teacher who tells stories. In addition to this, children have the opportunity to re-tell stories using English and Vietnamese; this enables children to develop language skills, concentration skills, listening and stimulates there imagination. Our library lessons aim to inspire students into finding information out for themselves, which is extremely useful in later life.

In addition children participate in outdoor activities such as games in the sand pit, swimming, watching movies with 3D and HD screens.

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