Eating and Sleeping

Food safety and hygiene are a top priority at KinderStar .

Our menu is prepared by our highly experienced kitchen team who select the finest ingredients to create delicious meals from a variety of cuisines from around the world.

Our highly experienced kitchen team.

Food hygiene and safety are taken very seriously.

Our chef’s only use natural ingredients and no chemicals are added.

A delicious Thai inspired soup for breakfast!

Main meals are nutritious and diverse.

A nutritious Chinese lunch.

Children choose their favourite dishes from the buffet.


At Kinderstar we always make sure our students follow a dedicated nap time during the day.

Nap time is an important part of our student’s day. Understanding this issue, KinderStar provides a quiet space for children to rest.

The teacher is always on duty during nap time.

Sleeping space for 4-5 year-old children